Web Security Risk Assessment

Web Services Vulnerabilities

Websites and Web services are the main access for internet or intranet users. The need for web services security testing is of paramount importance to help security of the applications. Because there are so many ways a cybercriminal can workaround access through open web services, extra care must be taken when implementing a web services security.

Web services VA-PT

What is VA-PT for web services

Web-based application VAPT is a security testing method used to uncover security flaws or vulnerabilities in web applications and commercial websites. Websites are vulnerable to exploitation as a result of these flaws. Businesses are gradually migrating their most important business and application processes to the web. There’s no denying that web apps are rapidly being viewed as a major source of vulnerability in enterprises.

Web application problems result in the loss of a huge number of credit cards, severe financial and reputational harm for numerous firms, and the compromise of many browsing machines that accessed the hacked websites. WAPT maintains full security to avoid a scenario like this, which is why it is vital for a company. Web Application Penetration Testing seeks to identify security issues in web-based applications.


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The safety and security of your essential and sensitive business data is critical in these times of fierce competition. Unlike other penetration tests, it also evaluates the risk posed by a third-party app. As a result, it is now the best alternative for determining the security issue of a previously installed and working web-based software. A manual and tool-based testing process is used to carry out the penetration test.

Web applications are highly an extremely sensitive aspect of information systems due to their amount of exposure to assaults and the lack of understanding noticed in many firms’ development teams.

A Web pentest is being used to evaluate the robustness of your Web platform, which includes servers, front/back office applications, Web services, and APIs. As a result, an operational report is created, allowing developers to address the identified security problems. Sysyork can provide a second report certifying that the security problems have been corrected for software publishers who want to provide deliverables to their clients or partners.

The Top 10 Online Application Security Risks document was published by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) to assist developers and security professionals with advise on the most critical vulnerabilities that are regularly identified in web applications and are also easy to exploit.

Touch Point Web Services VA-PT


Black Box Testing

No prior Knowledge of the infrastructure or system.

Grey Box Testing

Partial knowledge of the infrastructure or system.

White Box Testing

Complete knowledge of the infrastructure or system.

Web Services VA-PT Process

Information gathering

Gather information about the target system

Define scope and create threat profile

Threat Analysis

Vulnerability Assessment

Perform vulnerability assessment using manual and automation process.

Carry out exploitations on Identified vulnerabilities 

Penetration Testing

Reporting Analysis

Prepare final security review report

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