About SysYork Technologies

In 2019, SysYork Technologies was formed with the purpose of providing cyber security to the digital world and making it impenetrable. With a strong focus on research and innovation, we’ve built a solid competency around data for security analytics, red team assessments, incident response, and security automation. Cyberspace has become more vulnerable as a result of technological improvements and linked corporate ecosystems. By utilizing new products and services, Sysyork Technologies aids businesses in building and altering security postures in order to mitigate risks. Our service’s primary goal is to improve security resilience by reducing the occurrence of complex assaults and threats while providing all-around visibility and protection across organizational infrastructure.

About SysYork Technologies
About SysYork Technologies

Why are we suddenly talking about Cyber Security and all of this? As technology advances, an increasing number of businesses are relocating their operations to the digital realm, resulting in an increase in cybercrime. A black-hat hacker can gain access to the system and obtain all data that could be used to discredit the company. This instability necessitates enhancing the security of today’s digital infrastructure and assisting in making it hack-proof. Only a Cyber Security company can provide this level of security through its Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) service methods. As a result, SysYork’s objective and vision evolved to deliver Cyber Security to the Digital World, making it safer and more secure.

Our Approach

An adversarial mindset

Adopting adversarial thinking is a’must-have,’ not a ‘nice to have.’ You’re condemned to fail if it’s not the cornerstone of your defense. This is more than just employing a few of pen-testers every quarter; you must have defenders that think in this manner. It is more significant than any technology or method you can describe.

High-quality service

In enhancing service, we must first assess consumer satisfaction and expectations. This can be accomplished by utilizing service quality questionnaires to solicit input from our clients. These are normally completed with a follow-up email after the service. Immediate follow-up is the greatest method to correct any errors or clear up any misunderstandings.

Outcome focused

We, as a service provider, and the client jointly agree on particular outcomes that are measurable and realistic, and intended to assure customer success. This service dynamic is thus a win-win situation. Customers get the results they want, and as a service providers we know exactly what is expected from us

Technology agnostic

Implementing a technology-agnostic approach means that as a firm, you are impartial toward the usage of any specific technologies to solve business problems.Being technologically agnostic reinforces the concept that there is no “one size fits all” solution to this issue.

Our Team

Our strength is our people, and we believe that when our employees are motivated, trained, and properly equipped, we will automatically be able to fulfill our commitments to our clients. Therefore, our first commitment is to our own people and this starts with a strong leadership team that believes in the company’s vision and purpose.

Aquil Ahmad

Aquil Ahmad

Cyber Security Consultant and Auditor

Cyber Security Consultant and Auditor at SysYork Technologies, A Cyber Security service executioner with decades of expertise in the fields of technology, information security, data privacy, risk management, and IT operations.

Nazish Ahsan

Nazish Ahsan

Non-Executive Board Advisor

Founder & CEO at ZNSoftech, GrowthFactor. CoFounder & Director at Crowdr, A serial entrepreneur and a passionate, accomplished, result-oriented, innovative thought leader and technologist with two decades in Information technology and Product development with start-ups as well as large multinationals.


Faiz Alam Shaikh

Non-Executive Board Advisor

Co-founder & , CISO & Group IT Head at Digital Software Labs, A very passionate Technologist who loves Innovation, a visionary who sees beyond the ordinary in Day to Day Management, Operations, and Support whether its People, Process, or Technologies.

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